Monday, December 17, 2012

Gun Control

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Sometimes, once in a great while, something happens that is so close and personal to you (I performed for these children last year), and so awakening in its brutality that you have no choice but to not let it go until something is done. Ya gotta pick the battles that im-passion you.  If it doesn't touch your heart then you won't have the passion to do anything about it

The Sandy Hook massacre is that for me.

Actually, I have had it with extremism in all its forms. The sickness in our society is that we now see what divides us as more powerful than what we have in common, when the opposite is true. We all love, we all want to laugh and enjoy our lives. We all want to protect our children and make a world where they can live in peace and happiness. We all cry; we all bleed. We all share our humanity and this is so much more powerful than our differences of opinion as to the nature of, or existence of God, who should be president or be able to marry, etc. These things just are not as important as our common humanity.

Extremism, in all its forms - Left, Right, Christian, Muslim, Jew or Arab - is a disease.

The gun issue raised by this tragedy in Newtown, CT  just pushes me over the top. My specific focus for this will be the extreme views of the Gun lobby and the NRA. Not the 2nd amendment, which I support, but extremism. How we treat mental illness in our society is also on the list.

I have no idea what my next step will be, but step I will. I guess my first step would be to ask for your support and to contact your politicians to demand sane and balanced gun regulation, a return to balance in our general discourse, a recognition of the disease of extremism no matter where it shows up.

Thank you for whatever support you can agree to, even if it is just to pass this on to someone who might give me some ideas.

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  1. Thanks, David. What a moving story and call to action!